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Why Piranha Management is better

Priority Charging

Only after the main battery is charged, does the management system provide charge to the auxiliary battery. In some other dual battery systems, it is possible to have a weak or flat main battery and the auxiliary battery helps start the vehicle. This situation can exist for months – and then, the first weekend in the bush, with fridge, lights, etc. drawing power from the auxiliary battery leaves you with both batteries dead. The Piranha DBE Isolator series ensures this cannot happen to you.

Electronic Current Limiting
No more fuses or bi-metal circuit breakers. Intelligent current limiting circuit isolates auxiliary battery if accidentally overloaded. Piranha’s DBE Isolator series are the only ones offering electronic current limiting.

Easy to install
Includes EVERYTHING you will need to install with full cable kit, earth strap, heat shrink, brass terminals and all hardware.

Less joints
Less joints means less potential problems – ie. voltage leaks, incorrect earthing etc. Piranha’s cable kit is manufactured as part of the system while the majority of other systems typically have up to six joints, Piranha has only two.

Fitted to a large range of vehicles
Diesel, petrol, EFI, turbo with either internally or externally sensed voltage regulator.

Battery choice
Allows the use of dissimilar batteries ie. size, type, age or design.

No interference
With existing vehicle or boat wiring. No effect on vehicle warranty or original wiring.

Spike & Surge protection
For EFI, petrol and diesel vehicles as well as protection for UHF/CB, phones, and GPS.

140/180 amp capacity
Different amperage units to suit the job.

Plug In Options
The DBE180-SX isolation system is a state of the art piece of equipment offering two unique ‘plug in’ features:

  • Monitor Plug – A Battery Monitor option. Output to an LED monitor inside the vehicle, simply select which battery you want to know the status of, and the monitor will tell you.
  • Solar Input Plug – Direct input from solar panel (max 100W) with the LED monitor on the DBE180-SX telling you if charging from solar, alternator or both.

2-year unlimited km Warranty on the DBE140SF and DBE180-SX
5-year unlimited km Warranty on the DBE140SF and DBE180-SX if fitted by a Piranha Authorised Agent.

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