Winter becomes a testing time for all batteries including your 4x4 Starting battery and auxiliary batteries. Let's not forget the batteries in the camper trailer either.

With the number of different technologies available now for various applications and the complexity of our modern vehicle charging systems it might be time to consult with the experts.

While it might have been simpler a few years ago we now have to deal with a number of  electrical hurdles when we start adding more batteries to the vehicles existing electrical system.

The staff at Piranha Off Road have many years’ experience in adding batteries and have kept up to date with the latest electronics.

With direct support from a major battery manufacturer, Piranha has access to the latest technical advances enabling a strong understanding of the latest battery technologies. This , along with a thorough understanding of dual battery systems allows the Piranha staff to make accurate recommendations for replacement starting batteries, auxiliary batteries in the car or camper trailer/caravan.