Piranha High Power 22 Inch Lightbar - Combo

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Product Overview

Light bars are a very popular alternative choice these days and not only for 4WDrivers – road cars, boats, ATV’s, agricultural equipment – wherever powerful light in a compact format is required. Many people are opting for one light bar being fitted on a nudge bar or bumper on street driven vehicles for safer vision at night. Light bars provide outstanding light, whilst being small enough to fit on most vehicles.

Piranha’s ethos of ‘rugged and reliable’ holds true with these light bars. They are built tough with die-cast aluminium housings, OSRAM chips, excellent curved reflector design, high impact sleek rimless design polycarbonate lenses and black powder coated stainless steel mounting brackets and stainless steel bolts included.

It’s not just how good these light bars look; it’s what goes in them that makes them special. These lights are good for the usual 12 volts, or trucks running 24 volt electricals. The thermal management system provides maximum light whilst protecting the light from overheating. EMC/EMI suppression means no radio or other electrical interference will impact the driving experience.

There are two light bar lengths available – 22-inch and 30-inch, both in ‘combo’ beam patterns. This combined pattern gives best of both worlds – serious light down the road and more than decent spread out to the sides.

In fact, the bigger 30-inch unit pushes 1 Lux of light over 925 metres, whilst the smaller 22-inch light has a still impressive range of just over 800 metres @ 1 Lux. That’s comparable to or better than some dedicated driving lights!

With 5700kelvin light temperature, mimicking daylight brightness, which is easy on the eyes for long night driving and provides more than enough light to go the distance. These tough lights come with a IP67 waterproof rating with Deutsch wiring connectors standard, meaning they are submersible to 1m for 30 minutes and that’s awesome for serious water crossings and other fun night time off-roading!


Waterproof rate IP67
Product dimension 560.6*70*67.34mm
Effective Lumen 10242 LM
CRI 72
Color Temp 5700K
LUX @ 10M 6461
Meters @ 1 LUX 804
Beam Angle 10° & 30°
Power  175W
Current Draw @ 12v 14.6 A
Voltage Range 9-33 DC




Warranty Information

5 Year


(No reviews yet) Write a Review