Piranha DC-DC 30 Amp Battery Charger With Solar Input

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Product Overview

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3 Stage, multi-volt DC to DC booster battery charger with solar input
• Compatible with smart alternators
• Output current: 30A max
• Dual-mode solar controller optimises the PWM function for dusk and dawn. It then automatically changes to MPPT mode for peak solar periods.
• Solar input reverse polarity protection
• Unique solar charging mode to suit long-term vehicle storage
• Selectable output voltages for lithium, sealed lead acid, vented lead acid, AGM or lead crystal batteries
• Over current & temperature protections for extra product reliability
• Enhanced protection from moisture, vibration and dust with full polymer encapsulation
• High efficiency: typical >95%
• Precise under voltage protection- no need for external isolator
• Internal and remote LED indicators to show input source
• Very low standby current: <3mA
• Optional dual battery monitor DBM5D


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review