FASTLOCK Electronically Locking T-Handle Lock With Remote Locking Capability Bent Tongue

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Product Overview

Full Specification

Electronically Locking T-handle Lock with Remote Locking Capability. Ideal for canopies, truck and trailer toolboxes, and various containers.
Features are as follows:
Classic drop T lock with Moon Shape handle
Stainless Steel fascia with 4 studs welded at the back
High Quality Cast Alloy Body with Premium Wide Base Bent Tongue
IP65 certified
Smart electric motor actuator
Quick installation time
Can be installed without dismantling the lock
Can lock and unlock using key, 2 keys included, Key code CH410
Compact and durable, 24 Month warranty
Dimensions: Length for lock face: 124mm; Length for lock assembly: 174mm; Lock Wideth: 121mm; Lock Height: 66mm
Supplied with Gasket Compression Seal


(No reviews yet) Write a Review