Recovery Straps


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Tree Trunk Protector (3m x 75mm - 8000kg)


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Tree Trunk Protector (4m x 90mm - 6000kg)


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Snatch Strap - 8,000kg

Roadsafe - Snatch Strap

9m x 75mm 8,000kg – WHITE/BLACK


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Snatch Strap - 11,000kg

Roadsafe - Snatch Strap

9m x 100mm 11,000kg – WHITE/BLACK


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Equaliser Strap

Roadsafe - Equaliser Strap (Bridle)

2.5m x 100mm 6,000kg – Yellow/Black


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Soft Shackle

Roadsafe Soft Shackles are designed to be a safe, light weight, easy to use alternative to conventional steel bow shackles.

Australian made from UHWMPE 10mm 12 strand synthetic rope, as used in a range of winch ropes supplied by Roadsafe, the Roadsafe soft shackles are supplied complete with high visability abrasion resistant sheaths, and pre-tensioned for immediate use.

By using a Roadsafe soft shackle you effectively remove a very heavy and potentially lethal standard steel shackle from your recovery system.

Rope Spliced Breaking Strain 10mm – 9000kgs

A few key features of the Roadsafe Soft Shackle… 

 ·        Maximum strength to weight ratio and strength comparable to steel

·         Lowest elongation, minimal stretch

·         Light weight for gross weight reduction

·         Time saver, takes less time to set up than a conventional shackle

·         Floats in water & muddy environments

·         Abrasion resistant sleeves for maximum durability